Watch “1999 Lamborghini Diablo SV Replica **Currently for Sale**” on YouTube

This is a rare great build for sale, my guess is it will go for well north of $60k USD despite the Fiero bits and 2.8v6. Supper car, I have been giving it great consideration 🤔🇨🇦

Pro built by Darrell the D in D&R, those in the replica industry will understand the weight of this.

What would take the interior from good to great

Looking at upgrading the interior

Marc shares his Diablo Replica

Marc shares his Diablo Replica a NAERC (North American Exotic Replica Cars) kit built by Joe in the Toronto area.

Vic shares his Diablo Replica with us

Vic shares his Diablo Replica built by the Fibreglass Workship in Ajax, Ontario over15 years ago, and its held up well.

Share’n Rides with Nuran’s Ferrari 355 Replica

First Episode of sharing rides with Nuran’s 355.

Show me yours!

We added an RV to do some traveling and take the car with us. I’d love to see what your building or built. Kit or replica show me yours and I’ll show you mine. Contact me with what you have some pics and where you are at

What could make a good replica great!

Special thanks to Mav at buythehorns for help with the some of the photos and clarification on some of these points of interest in the video. Many of the issues we are discussing are the ones that would take a good replica and make it great. With the help of the internet, forums and enthusiast replica groups the market can now find parts that were not available in the past. We find out why some cars quite hit the mark and what can make them great.

How to find/replace parts for a replica you did not build

Every wonder how’d you would find or figure out what parts are on a replica you didn’t build.  This is one of the reason’s current mechanics don’t like replica’s.  It takes resources just to figure out what part to replace.  In this video we go through a typical replica repair doing the front lower control arm bushings on the Countach replica, replacing them with Urethane ones.

Replica better than the real deal?

Doing an oil chang on the car and discussed this.

Countach Replica $$$ at Auction

With values of the original Countach continuing to rise with the Countach replica market follow the same path? Video gets into this as we do some preparations for winter on the car.

And as usual the other end bits….