I don’t expect everyone to like the car and some people just want there privacy….I get it. I would have moved on if the guy had asked me too. I was half thinking the camera would be gone when I came back.


Little Drive Bit

Rolling Shots of the Countach Replica and Out Running the Rain

Off to the show with the cars and cameras. Got some good rollers of the car and had to outrun the rain on the way home.

And as usual the other end bits….

First show of the year

Finally made a show so we took a camera along.


Ordered up a 2018 Camaro SS and did some vinyl striping to give the look of the 80s IROC.

Fixing the Shifting Issue

This week we fix the shift issue and test drive….

And as usual the end bits….

Spring Test Drive Did Not Go Well

Taking it out for its spring test drive when……