Last Chance for the Season

It Ain’t Mov’n

What’s been going on been a while….

Lamborghini Countach instrument bezel recreation in 25min.

Can You Daily Drive a Countach Replica

After this car being on the road 22 years and the 11 years I owned it, we have a good example of how a replica will do. After talking to many owners and builders you can defiantly get a feeling on weather or not a replica is possible to use as a daily driver exotic car.

I made a thing!

Countach Replacement Dash Parts Arrive

Mav of Buy the Horns on Facebook sent what he could round up for our interior parts. We go through what we have and asses what we can start on to rebuild of the 1988 Countach Replica.

And as usual the end bits….

New Episode (Friday) Teaser

Out for a Covid Loop

Took the car out for a run….took the camera’s along and let it do the talking.

Watch “1999 Lamborghini Diablo SV Replica **Currently for Sale**” on YouTube

This is a rare great build for sale, my guess is it will go for well north of $60k USD despite the Fiero bits and 2.8v6. Supper car, I have been giving it great consideration 🤔🇨🇦

Pro built by Darrell the D in D&R, those in the replica industry will understand the weight of this.