It sold, surprised to see it go so quick but the Countach replicas no longer has a show companion. The Hot wheels Camaro sold.

And as usual the end bits….

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Shot with Samsung Note 8, Gopro Hero 3 or 5 and Rode Video Mirco external mic on Smooth Q Gimbal. Edited on Corel StudioPro 10 or PowerDirector for Android.



Don’t have it on my list but getting the car into first can be annoying. Seeing if we can solve it. And as usual the end bits….

Fix the Scissor Door Actuator

During the hot days of summer the door activator continues to run and not stop. I had to look at it years ago so I had an idea of what was up. And as the end bits….

Flip the signals and Clean the Pods……and Watch Copper

Back in the Best Replicas in Toronto video, when Spiro (red Countach) and myself were hovering over the cars and noticed the signal lights were oriented differently. After a quick internet search we agreed mine were upside down. The signal pods need cleaning so we tackle both. And the end bits….were Copper our beagle puppy refuses the drop a shop rag.

Check the rear end and help some builders

Checking out the rear suspension and helping out so fellow builders with AC and the wiper assembly while running the car.

Lost the front end


Checking out the front suspension to see if any of the steering linkage or suspension is giving that short term loose feel to the steering. And the end bits….

Sell that Countach

Committed to selling the car when I got a surprise.