Some of the Nicest Replica’s at Motorfest

Turned out to be a great day.  Took lots of video and pics and some commentary to share.  Stay tuned….

Motorfest Tomorrow

It’s official, weather looks good to go for Motorfest tomorrow.  I know Ernesto with his F40 is going and likely a couple other kit cars everyone will enjoy.  Hope to see you their!



It has not moved!

Work, work, work,  rain, more work and that’s why it’s sitting.   Hope to get out to the Motofest in Stouffville next weekend.

Heel and Toe in the Lambo, Ribfest Car Show

Was about to take the lift down and put the cover on the car when the thought occurred to me that I have an hour before sundown, I can take it out for a quick run.  Decided to try and film heel and toe in the car (racing, down shift technique to match engine speed to car speed, so it does not lurch on the down shift).  I daily the Camaro this way and have been doing it for about 20 years now.  Makes a long drive fun!  Also took some video of the Guelph Ribfest and car show and some bloopers and events as usual at the end.

Guelph Ribfest and Car show

Ribs and car show with the family, my kind of day!

Touring the Back Roads

Finally got an afternoon to take the car out for a drive.  Found some twisty bits in the back roads in the area.  As usual the end of the video has some other events, repairs etc…from the last couple weeks.

Powerfest and Glam Shots

Been driving the car when I had a chance but not to many shows.  We had the cars out and were playing around with different angles and close up glam shots.  Included other events and bloopers at the end as usual.