Started the oil leak hunt…


What’s happening?

Quick upated video of whats happening with the car and youtube channel.

Lowered the asking price for the car to $46,000USD or $60,000CAD

Q&A response video

Did a Q&A video to answer the questions I was getting on the car. Thanks for all the support guys.


Those of you that have been following the channel and the car no much about the car already for those of you knew here’s a little review. Yes the car is for sale.

Lamborghini Countach kit car replica of a 1988 5000s. Built in 2002 with a custom tube chassis, stock Corvette LT1 V8, custom 5-speed manual Griffin trans-axle under a Kustom Motorcar’s fiberglass kit.

This car was build professionally (by Luc Chartrand of HHT, builder of Canada’s first supercar) in 2002 for a customer in Quebec where the car was first registered. I purchased the car from the 2nd owner that had it for 2 years. I have had the car 9 years and done a number of video’s.

There is a full history of the car from day one 9 year ago starting with the website and the first year with the car at Later I started a blog (hear)to document the car at, this has all of the history plus all the video done of the car.

Selling the car to use the money for a family business and help my son with his build.

The car is well known in the replica industry. Serious inquires only please email me at

Contact me at

Shot with Samsung Note 8, Gopro Hero 3 or 5 and Rode Video Mirco external mic on Smooth Q Gimbal. Edited on Corel StudioPro 10 or PowerDirector for Android.

Affordable Exotic Cars

Some great kit cars and replicas have been built and are probably not what you were thinking as an affordable exotic car. But I’m sure you seen an Exotic car thinking it was worth big bucks… could have been a replica.


I don’t expect everyone to like the car and some people just want there privacy….I get it. I would have moved on if the guy had asked me too. I was half thinking the camera would be gone when I came back.