The Scale of the Countach Replica and new co-host

Compared the scale of the Countach to the Camaro. New camera rig and lots of end bits with an intro to Copper our new Beagle puppy!


Making more room in the garage

Quick one this week, feeling like crap but made some room in the garage. 240 update and stay tuned for a new co-host in the next episode.

Camping with the car???

The wife and daughter booked some time off camping at Long Point Provincial Park. This led me to the idea of taking the car with us! Quick video of having the idea and some video of my wife’s favorite park in Ontario. All shot, edited and uploaded with a Samsung Note 2.

She drives and parks next to Kitt

Heels n wheels is back! ┬áThe wife drove the car to our favorite car show and parked next to kit of another kind. Caught some cars rolling in and some of my favorites. And as usual some end bits…..

Took the car to an Exotic Car meet up

Got home from work early enough to go to an exotic car meet up. Wasn’t sure how it would go, but as you guys know I don’t try to hide the fact that the car’s a replica. It was well received, we didn’t get kicked out and most knew. Some nice car’s showed up…. As usual we have the end bits of what’s been happening…

Shot the car, MCM Unicorn Circuit, Mail & attack bird

We had a car show drive fail and we were on Mighty Car Mods Unicorn Circuit for my town (link: and make sure you check out Fanking (link:   You may have saw this on a previous post.  Got the shots of the car I failed to get at Carlisle and used Artists Moog and song Kie to the City in the segment (Moog’s also a creater in MCM). Opened some mail (thanks for the goodies guys!). Blake got in a fight with a bird, and his Subaru WRX STI got an exhaust delete.  Plus the usual, unusual end bits….

Thanks to Marty and Moog for using our Mytown submission.

Carlisle 2017 Diablo replica 200mph at 200mpg??? V12 Replica and much more

Last of the videos from Carlisle 2017. Starts with Coops LT1 running on fumes that should achieve well over 100mpg, yep. Also we see Jim’s really nice blue Diablo. Bob’s red Diablo’s that he drove over 8 hours that day to attend the show and Adrian’s v12 Mercedes progress in his build. Great show really enjoyed it and the people of our hobby!