First show of the year

Finally made a show so we took a camera along.



Ordered up a 2018 Camaro SS and did some vinyl striping to give the look of the 80s IROC.

Fixing the Shifting Issue

This week we fix the shift issue and test drive….

And as usual the end bits….

Spring Test Drive Did Not Go Well

Taking it out for its spring test drive when……

How to Find a Turnkey Completed Kitcar Replica

How did I find the Lamborghini Countach Replica. This video show the tools you should be using continuously and patiently awaiting for the one you want to arrive. Links to tools from video below:

Kitcar Magazine
Reincarnation Magazine

Forums (site was down shortly after making the video)

Facebook groups
Replica Supercars! Ferrari & Lamborghini
Lamborghini replicas
Kit cars
lamborghini and exotics parts and projects
Lambo reproductions
Kit Cars, Replicas, Hot Rods, and Clones
Countach Replica
Countach and other kit car builders group

Garage washed the Countach finally….

Finally picked up a cover so I could wash the car.

What’s the Plan?

Not much to do on the car and the weather is not cooperating. Been working on finding the next car.