Guelph Ribfest and Car show

Ribs and car show with the family, my kind of day!

Touring the Back Roads

Finally got an afternoon to take the car out for a drive.  Found some twisty bits in the back roads in the area.  As usual the end of the video has some other events, repairs etc…from the last couple weeks.

Powerfest and Glam Shots

Been driving the car when I had a chance but not to many shows.  We had the cars out and were playing around with different angles and close up glam shots.  Included other events and bloopers at the end as usual.

Brantford Powerfest show

Took the car to Brantford in 32′ weather.  We only  lasted a couple hours. 

Some Countach Replica Driving, Alignment and Shows

Been a busy couple weeks as you’ll see at the end of the video with my love hate relationship with digging.  Did a good show in Georgetown, had the car alignment touched up and drove it a lot in the last couple weeks.

Georgetown Father’s day Car Show

Lots of people stopping by at the car show today.  First show we gone to with other exotic style kit cars.



Drive & Alignment


Drove the car 300klm’s today and got the alignment done.


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