Doing Stainless lines and a Wheel Stud Strips Out!

What I thought was going to be straight forward turned out to be filled with issues, had to replace a hard line, then a wheel stud strips out, couldn’t get the spacer off with out removing the hub.

Removing the Flex Lines

After finishing the reservoir last week I had brakes on the brain so I thought I would replace the flex lines.  Scoped the 240’s engine….not good, and put some pink highlights on daughters car.

2017 Carlisle Big Replica Car Turn Out!

It’s official, RT (Ron) will be bringing the incredible Diablo he has been building to the Carlisle-import-and-performance-nationals. I am also committing to bringing the Countach to the show.
The show is May 19 – 21, 2017, Ron says Saturday the 20th is the big turn out day especially if the weather is good. I am renting an enclosed trailer for the car and planning on leaving Thursday May 18th from Cambridge, Ontario to be at the event Friday for some of the show. Will be there all day Saturday and Sunday.

This year Velocity will be shooting a show at the event. This will create a draw along with the other events planned. Hear is a link to the details.

If your part way building, thinking of building or have it built, come out! Guys like Ron will be there to answer all the questions about building and guys like myself for the ones “after the build”.

Don’t be the one that misses the event this year, it’s gearing up to be THE ONE!

Latest Struggles with the Car

Been working on the car and had an issue with a wheel stud stripping out.  Couldn’t get the last lug off the car to get the wheel off.  Arggggg!  Got it all on video for an upcoming episode.



Cold Start of Countach and Reservoir Check

Due to run the car so we did the cold start, also checked the reservoir fix from last episode and fixed my daughters Hyundai Accent rear hatch.


Brake Reservoir Seal Replacement

Finally got around to replacing the rear brake reservoir. Son’s 240 Barn find update with working on freeing up the engine, Winter arrived and makes for fun with the Hot Wheels Camaro.

The last couple years with the Countach Replica

Did a video to of the last year with the car. Testing out a new mic and the editing software seem to have an issue rendering my voice with in the small video window. To all that have been watching thanks, been great watching the channel grow along with the social media. Looking forward to next year!